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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author JaredDrake

A Xander/Raven romance fic

1. Must involve an older Raven
2. Can be based on teen titans cartoon, current comics run of raven or your own creation
3. Involves Raven meeting the scooby gang in a humourous fashion
4. Can be drabble for full-length.
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Okay, I'm a big fan of SG1 and all the crossovers of the series that includes Xander as the main hero

Here's the challenge -

1. Xander as Forge from the X-men, any incarnation. Do your research on this one.
2. Must be an SG1 X-over, you can add more X-overs - but the maximum is 3, want more? Email me.
3. Must not be a Super-Xander in terms of fighting ability. Use your imagination - Forge is a genius inventor - but dont go overboard. No one loves it when its too easy.
4. Must have a pairing. I dont care who you choose.
5. No Slash - F*** yeah.

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