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Author heartsarewild

I had this idea while reading various Xander-deaged stories floating around on the internet. Throw in Poltergeist the Legacy, and you have this challenge. My thought was, what if Xander was deaged and somehow ended up at the Legacy, either via a wish or because of his originial (pre-deaging) DNA results. What if Nick or Derek was his father? How would the Legacy cope with a baby Xander, who still has his demon-magnet qualities. How would they deal with Xander's "other family", the Scoobies? What would William Sloan think?

The only true requirements in this challenge is that Xand...
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I got beaned in the head by this plot bunny while trying to get to sleep one night.

After Connor was born in Angel, I felt that Connor couldn't have been the first child to have a vampire for a parent. To have both parents as Vampires or to have a Vampire as a mother, yes, but there had to be others out there that had Vampire fathers.

My challenge is this: take a character from one of the CSI shows whose family we don't know a lot about from cannon, and have their father be a Vampire, preferably Spike, but that is up to you. Or you can take a character like Horatio Caine...
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There may be another challenge similar to this somewhere, but if there is I don't remember it.

The challenge? What if Dawn was given to someone else to protect? Someone not versed in the supernatural? What would they get up to trying to figure things out?

Rules of the challenge:
~Show or book used in conjunction with Buffy may not have any overt connection to the supernatural. So X-files, Supernatural, Charmed, Harry Potter, etc. would be a no. Anything without a supernatural connection is good.
~Would actually prefer this to be a NCIS or Without A Trace Crossove...
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