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Author BlueEyedJedi

Soon to be in theaters 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', what if Xander went as our 16th President for Halloween. Unaware of the President's night job. What if Lincoln had met Angelus, or at least knew of him. Dawn if she is in the story could go as Mary Todd Lincoln. The Return of America's mightiest leader, wow can't you just see the mountains of vamp dust?
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This is a cross between Buffy and Twilight

There have been storys where Xander is related to the Twilight Vampires, either descended from one or someone he is related to is one of the Cullens. However, there have been the storys for the other side. What If Xander was the half Brother of Jacob Moon(Same Daddy{NOT TONY}, but Jacob's dad), and Xander starts undergo some changes. This can be the result of several factors: The Hyena Possession, The Staking of Jesse, When Angelus is about to kill Willow, or just that Xander has reached the age where thepromitry to vampires causes his mutati...
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This is a YAHF Challenge
Xander is Dr. Manhattan
Willow is Frankie Raye/Nova
Buffy is Supergirl
Cordelia Starfire
Dawn is Firehawk

No slash is the only rule

P.S. Xander has to wear the Loin Cloth at at least until after he has picked the girls up from Buffy's house (Joyce might not approve otherwise), after that is fine. The girls can speculate much much is costume and how much is Xander. Plus it will really piss of the troll.

What to do, A super powered Xander and four super powered girls that like him to varying degrees, what will the poor b...
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Buffy and Xander have just discovered a secret, post coital. Willow has likewise learned a secret from her past, and the secrets are devastating. After 'Beer Bad' episode, Xander and Buffy are a couple, they hooked up in every sense during the episode (There is No Anya in this story), during a intimate moment each confesses that they were adopted. They decide to ask Willow to see if she can use her Witchey Hoo-doo to help them find their families, because Xander is chaos incarnate the spell goes a little wonky. Never the less it works, but it also reveals that Willow was also adopted, and...
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Premise: Darla after sacrificing her life to save/give birth to Connor, is reborn as Rita Bennett (Dexter). Her Boyfriend Dexter, disappears. Rita call her other dear boy (Angel) for help. What would her reaction be to discover just how much her boys are alike? What will Dexter's reaction to Rita's Past, and that for all his skill she makes him look like a dabbler? It could be interesting.
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I just Heard, Don Davis the actor who played General Hammond on Stargate, died. So in his honor I propose stories about the General's past. Was he the child of watchers(Highlander or BTVS), did he see the deaths of Thomas & Martha Wayne(Batman), what experiences molded him into the right man to lead the SGC.
No Slash
Beyond that have fun
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Willow is Jesse My Mills From "My Stepmother Is an Alien", She and her dad and her Stepmother had there identities changed after the film. Her Parents being Shrinks is just a ruse, they actually work at the SGC (Merely Background Material, not part this story initially), that's why they are frequently gone. For Halloween Willow goes as her Step mom, complete with a mock up of BAG. The change is permanent. How will the change effect the Scoobies and her Family? Have Fun
MULTI Pairing Ok
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