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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author JarodsSlayer

Stryker used Logan's DNA to create a group of young men, who eventually find their way to the X-Men, along with a group of girls made from Mystique. The girls will show a fierce loyalty to Kurt. At least one of them (the girls) has to flip out (in some way) on Scott. Story will be set between X2 and The Last Stand.

The two groups have it in their genetic sequencing to seek out a perfect match. One's match (possibly the one who flipped out) must be Scott.

The girls WILL know that Kurt is their brother. Scott's match must have both Mystique AND Kurt's powers. The boys are able ...
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A Dark Angel x-over. The title of the story and the exact storyline is your choice, but the following are a must:

1. Faith is Joshua and Isaac's mother.
2. Dawn is Max's mother.
3. Tara is Ben and Alec's mother.
4. Buffy is Zack's mother.
5. Gunn is Original Cindy's real dad.
6. Logan must be related to Tara in some way.
7. Xander and Anya are Sketchy's birth parents.
8. Lydecker is really Riley Finn.
9. Kendra must be related to Jesse in some way.
10. Angel and Spike don't hate each other and are together. In what sort of way is your choice.
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My challenge is for a Sketchy pairing.

The pairing has to be with either Faith, Xander or Dawn.

The story has to have:

1) Them finding out that Sketchy isn't as dumb as he acts,
2) A family connection to the Scoobies,
3) An apocalypse, no Buffy story is the same without one,
and 4) a very happy ending.
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