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Author Torres

Faith Lehane thinks Buffy Summers is the girl of her dreams. She dumps her current bf/gf for the chance to date her. Only problem is, she's got to defeat Buffy's seven evil exes. Does she think Buffy's worth it? Does she have what it takes to win Buffy's affection?

Make it as similar or as different from Scott Pilgrim as you want.

What you might include:

Maybe a scene were Faith and Scott meet, Scott gives Faith some pointers
Faith shares a bed with a platonic friend
Buffy fighting one of Faith's exes
You can give Buffy evil exes from within BtVS or from...
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BtVS/Magic kingdom for Sale
Joss Whedon/Terry Brooks

Buffy is disenchanted with life as a slayer. All the issues from growing up in Sunnydale that she didn't want to deal with are working their way into a major headache for the blond. So imagine her surprise when she receives a letter telling her that she has inherited a kingdom called Landover with a palace and subjects to boot.

She thinks its a bit of a prank, that is until she sees the medallion. Will Landover provide her with the break she deserves or will it just add pressure to her already hectic life?

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Sabrina makes a fatal mistake in one of her spells. The family spell book is accidentally sent to the Hell Goddess, Vanity. She once tormented the earth, bringing despair and war wherever she placed her well manicured feet. It's up to the Spellmans, the family of witches who originally cast Vanity into an endless void, to defeat her once again. But there's a problem. The elders of the Spellman clan are bound, magically to the spell book. As Vanity grows stronger with the books aid, the Spellmans will slowly lose their magic until they finally die.

Only the Spellman blood can hel...
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