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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Harry

We all remember Willow turning down the offers of different companies to come work for them when she was to graduated Sunnydale High School. Well, what if Willow had another company that made her a offer? The company: FROST INDUSTRIES! Yes, Willow would end up working for Emma Frost and eventually become her aide in her dealings not only with normal businesses, but with her Hellfire Club matters as well!

Among things I would like to see: 1) Willow learning how to be a ruthless businesswoman early on. 2) Tutorials in Magick use from Stephen Strange. 3) A outfit of her own to fit in as ...
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MY challenge, to anyone who wants to take it up, is to give the Scooby Gang a taste of a different Anime than usual. Instead of DBZ or any of the regular Anime titles, I want to see someone take on the Ronin Warriors or, as they are none in Japan Yori Samurai Troopers. If you do this, try and stay as faithful to the characters from the Anime/Magna as you can. Xander might be Anubis or Willow as Kayura. Just think about it and let your imagination flow!
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