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Author Mediancat

Kid Eternity was a Quality Comics character. Background: He died too young -- 75 years early -- so he was given cool powers to make up for this, basically the ability to fly, turn invisible, dematerialize, and most importantly, summon historical figures to do his bidding for him. His companion is Mr. Keeper, a lazy, grumpy, but loyal spirit guide, who would have preferred the Kid not get into so much trouble.

We can jigger the timelines to have his 75 years be up sometime in the Buffy chronology, so he's going to pass his powers on to someone else.

That someone can be any of ...
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The problem with crossing the Buffy and Anita Blake universes is that the vampires of each operate by completely different rules. In the Anita-Verse, Buffy and all the Slayers would be murderers; in the Buffyverse, Jean-Claude and all of his followers would be genuinely evil. Some fics evade this by having the crossover also cross universes.

For this challenge, that's not what I want you to do. I want you to write either A, the Buffy and friends of the Anita-Verse, playing by their rules, or the converse, the Anita, Jean-Claude, et al of the Buffyverse, playing by their rules.
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Warren's bullet smashes through the window in "Seeing Red"--

hits Tara --

and bounces off.


Tara's Kryptonian. (Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic, but there's nothing saying that they can't use it.)

Long story short, someone else believed Jor-el -- and young Tara was found by the MacLays but was always told her "abilities" proved how demonic she really was and that she was lucky they hadn't killed when they found her.

And now, you go from here.What does Tara do now that her secret's out? What will everyone else's reaction be? And w...
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Set at the end of season 4 Angel. Angel and company still manage to stop Jasmine -- only, a bit later than on the show, which means that the Jasmine of peace and love whether you want it or not goes worldwide, affecting everyone who hears it --

except for one person: Gregory House.

What happens to House? Why isn't he affected? And what, if anything, does he do about it?

Only stipulation: At one point in the fic, after Jasmine's defeat, House must say, "It means I was right."
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Somewhere along the way in Angel, something went badly wrong, leaving only Cordelia, Fred, and young Connor as survivors. Needing to get away from the area, Cordelia drags the two of them across the country to New Jersey.

Thing is, she's still getting visions of people in trouble. There's just no one left to tell about them anymore. One of them finally occurs in public, and she's hauled off to Princeton-Plainsboro for the good Doctor House and his ducklings to figure out what's wrong with her.

Where you go from there is up to you. Stipulations are minimal.

Angel, Wes...
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Now that Blackest Night is over -- write a story crossing over the Buffyverse with the event.

Standards: Must stick more or less to Blackest Night continuity. Changing who "Lives" at the end is fine.

Must be set post season 7 in the Buffyverse. Mess with post-7 continuity as much as you want, or ignore it entirely.

Must contain the above line. Anyone else deceased in Buffy or Angel you care to use is up to you. Decide for yourself where vampires fit in.

Also remember: Like Superman and Green Arrow, Buffy has died and come back.
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The Council tells Buffy and Giles to go to hell after checkpoint. At a temporary loss, the Scoobies scramble to find other sources of information. Following up on the legend of an old wizard who might assist them, Tara finds an old subway tunnel lined with the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, and at the end, the Wizard himself, who deems her worthy and command her to speak his name.

That name, of course, is "Shazam!" And Tara becomes Captain Marvel.

The fic from there is up to you, with these restrictions:

Yes, it has to be Tara. She doesn't get the cool extra powers ver...
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Chadranther's Bane was one of the most imaginative old-time Dungeons & Dragons modules to ever be published in Dungeon Magazine. It was written by a man named Paul Hancock.

The basic concept is, years ago a half-elven thief named Chadranther ransacked a wizard's vault of treasure and teleported himself out just before traps got him -- but read the spell wrong and ended up unconscious at the other end.

One of the items he stole was called the Sphere of Diminution -- which shrinks all sentient beings within a certain radius, permanently, until the sphere, which in human ter...
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The Mandrill is a Marvel Comics villain -- a misogynist who looks like, well, a mandrill, but who emits pheromones that make any woman over puberty fall madly in love with him and want to do anything he says. This includes superheroines such as the Valkyrie, so powers don't give you the willpower to resist. Neither does knowledge of this ability and a determination to fight it.

He has several times used his abilities to garner himself an army of women which he has attempted to use to take over the US, and has been defeated, most commonly by the Defenders, but a couple of times by Shan...
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So, season 5 Angel, Cordy's in a coma, and none of the doctors Wolfram & Hart can obtain are able to cure her.

Not all doctors work for Wolfram & Hart. The challenge is to have the Angel crew take Cordelia to a doctor (or bring the doctor to her) who is able to bring her out of that coma. Whether you detail what happens after she comes out of the coma is up to you.

Stipulations: Stick to canon characterizations (non canon-pairings fine as long as they're between Angel chars and the chars from whatever the crossover is). Specifically, no character bashing.

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We've all seen those stories where Buffy/Angel characters run into their "doubles" -- e.g., Willow meeting Trina Echolls, or Faith running into Tru Davies. By and large, there are three different ways this is dealt with.

1. The characters are long-lost twins, or, pace the Patty Duke Show, "identical cousins."

2. The characters are in fact the same character, with an explanation given for how one became the other.

3. No explanation at all is given. Wow, what a coincidence!

All three of the above stories can and have produced well-done and entertaining storie...
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