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Author mrsinister

Xander was always able to do what Buffy could not, would not even contemplate... he took care of the human side of evil. Giles can know if you want.

Dexter crossover :D -evil, kinda, Xander-

“You dealt with it?”

Xander looked up as he ate a burger and fries he’d bought from the nameless cooperation that Buffy worked in, for some reason the burgers really appealed to him.


Giles sighed and sat down, “Good, and thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Giles Buffy’s long time Watcher and friend arched an eyebrow, Xan...
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In the second series while fighting some unspeakable evil Xander is blinded. Giles feeling responsible takes it upon himself to introduce Xander to an old freind who happens to be blind.

The man with no fear is born from the ashes of pain is the Daredevil!
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Sarah Connor found her son, the son they stole away from her and took to new parents (Xander knows he was adopted.)

The only trouble is, Sarah isn't the only one who's found him.

T800 version only, perhaps send two, one to stop it and the other to kill him, or a person from the future, your choice, but for me the killer has to be arnie.
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Bruce Wayne has passed on, leaving his considerable fortune to an heir. The only problem is, is that he doens't have one. Its up to Alfred to find one...

That's where Xander comes in, the Butler watches Xander in operation against a Vampire and is impressed, Xander is chosen, and trained to take on the mantle of the bat.
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