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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author JadeAislin

Movie Verse

In Transformers the Movie, Jazz dies in the final battle. But what if Xander Harris happened to be in Mission City? And what if our favorite medium, he who sucks up ghosts and spirits, happened to be near the place where Jazz's body falls (at least the part with the fading spark)?

Xander sucks in Jazz's spirit at the instant of his death and now both have to live with the consequences. Can they be separated? How will Jazz react to being in a human body? How will Xander react to harboring an Autobot spirit? How will this affect past relationships? What about...
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While I’m more familiar with the Movie verse, I’m not adverse to seeing this take place in other Transformer universes.

For some reason, Xander is de-aged to at least 3 years old. (it could be a spell accident by Willow or Xander protecting his friends by taking an enemies spell).

The PTB, angry at how Xander continues to foul up their plans, decide that since Xander is now a vulnerable child, they should get rid of him and destroy his soul.

Someone wishes for Xander to have a good parent (or maybe a good life).

Because of the PTB threat, Hallie takes...
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