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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Methos

Well, it's been 11 years since Buffy and and the scoobies actually graduated High School... So this challenge is to actually take a trip down memory lane...

Sunnydale High is having it's reunion dance for the Graduating Class of '99, to take it as 11 years for current date, or why not fast forward and take it abother 14 years to 25 years since they graduated... what the the Scoobies, or any other Sunnydale High resident are upto now... How would they deal with a reunion back on the hellmouth, would anyone remember or has the Sunnydale Stupidity Syndrome actually worn off?

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Ok, simple enough... Two characters get handcuffed together and are unable to get free until they admit their feelings for each other due to a spell on the handcuffs.


1, Must involve the handcuffs. ;)

2, Think about the simple things that you have to do during the day and how having someone permanently attached to you would change them.

3, Either an awkward, or sexy shower scene.

4, At the end of the ordeal, the two people recognize they have feelings for each other.

This challenge is dedicated to "bonesjunkie4life" who writes ...
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At the end of Christopher Eccleston's reign as Doctor Who, Captain Jack was left on the 'Gamestation' in the 2002nd century...

After being revived by Rose how did he get back to earth in the 21st century?

Did he meet up with some friends from the 'old times' on earth?

Is he a different type of Immortal that the Time Lords have yet to encounter?

Was his death at the hands of the Daleks just his 'first death'?

Was is a magic portal that allowed him to return to the 21st century?

So the challenge is thus, explain, using whatever crossover you...
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ok... i'm not sure if this challenge has been posted before under a different name, i've looked but can't find anything regarding it...

anyway, seeing as we are coming to the end of Stargate and still have absolutely no idea as to what the 9th Chevron is for... i would like to see a fic where the 9th chevorn is used... for anything you can come up with :)


1, must include SG1, seeing as this involves the Stargate thins should be pretty obvious lol
2, the 9th chevron must do something that the other's don't, for example can't just connect to another calaxy...
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The simple premise is Xander has bought his own bar... Simple idea...

Anyway he's there just as a usual barman, when in come the customers... I've started this madness as a highlander crossover but I've placed it in the multiple crossover folder and opened it up for everyone to add a chapter.

Simple crossover, find a character from any given fandom... CSI, Highlander, Harry Potter, anything you want and bring him into the bar to have a chat with Xander... You'll get the drift of it if you read the starting chapter

Anyway there's my challenge... simple rules...
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ok a ficlet for christmas.
prompt - opening their christmas present's
1000 words or less in the buffyverse.
crossover's allowed
on opening their presents one of the characters must have been bought some sexy / kinky underwear by somone.
well thats about it :)
happy writing people
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