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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Arekanderu

Crossover with the show Kyle XY. And more specifically the character Jessi*

about Jessi:

The Watcher Council hears rumours of a possible Slayer in Seattle. Giles as the only currently free Watcher takes Faith to track her down.

You can chose any time period of Kyle XY you like


Friendship between Jessi and Faith(it may start out as a fight)
Giles getting a headache and needing some tea
Faith trying to get Kyle and Jessi in a motel room with bottle o...
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Main characters-Selene from Underworld,Faith from BTVS/Angel and could also include Michael from Underworld and Angel from Angel The Series

The newly activated Slayers under the leadership of Buffy decided ignore the previous policies of the Watcher Council and have started a war against the Vampires and Lycans.And considering that both Lycans and Vampires have no qualms about using modern weapons and technology the Slayers are losing badly and are on the verge of being destroyed.It's up to Faith one of the few people who dares to stand up to Buffy to find a way to end this conflic...
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