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Author dulcinea

When I was younger and read Sherlock Holmes, I used to completely sympathize with Watson. It always felt like the clues were nowhere near as obvious as Holmes made them out to be, and the logic was hardly as straight forward as Holmes insisted. Just once, I wanted to see Holmes mess up.

This is where you come in.

Please write a story in which Holmes is faced with an impossible case. In fact, Holmes can't begin to fathom how such a horrible case occurred. However, someone else in that time period could. That person is a member of the Council of Watchers, and can easily solve ...
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There is a song by Meatloaf called "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that." The song proceeds to describe all the things the singer will do for love, but never really says what "that" is. It is up to you, noble challenge writers, to fix this vague pronoun reference. The challenge is simple:
1) Set up a relationship between a BtVS character and someone in a different genre.
2) Have them do anything for love, but that.
3) Most importantly, explain what "that" is!
Humorous and angsty entries are both appreciated. Have fun!
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Oz contracted lycanthropy from his cousin, and then we never hear anything about him. Somewhere out there (probably not Sunnydale) is a five year old werewolf. Why haven't his neighbors noticed? Maybe he lives next to the Munsters and blends in? Has he been accepted to Hogwarts? Or maybe he has an older wolf (like from Teen Wolf) to mentor and babysit him from time to time?

I'd like to see someone fill in the background a bit on this character- hopefully it'll be funny, cute, and involve some more unorthodox crossovers.
To make this more amusing, I'd like to see the following in...
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