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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Dragonelf

Fandom: Crocodile Dundee/BtVS crossover

A prophecy speaking about terrible events which befall the world if a stolen Aborigine artifact doesn't get returned to Australia and its proper owners before a certain date.

3 Possible reasons for Crocodile Dundee to go to Sunnydale and meet the Scoobies:

* Crocodile Dundee hears of this prophecy from an Aborigine mystic and therefore he travels to Sunnydale to regain the artifact. And when he gets there he runs into the Scoobies.

* Giles finds an old Watcher journal containing a transcribed Aborigine prophecy speak...
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I would like to see a story where Benton Fraser from the TV series "Due South" is Joyce's brother and he comes to visit her in Sunnydale. He must have his half wolf Diefenbaker with him when he goes to Sunnydale.

Must include:
* Diefenbaker saving Dawn from a bully.
* Benton being aware of vampires.
* Hot chocolate.
* Diefenbaker surprises Spike while Spike is drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

* Brownies
* Joyce being alive.
* Benton following Spike or Buffy.
* Buffy saving Benton from a vampire.
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