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Author Teri

There are no crossovers for this show yet, hence the use of the "other" category. Crossover: "The Crazy Ones"

Okay, how did Buffy end up living in Chicago working at an ad agency going by the name Sydney? Is it a spell from Willow for a new life for Buffy? Did a bad guy zap her memory? Is Buffy hiding/starting a new life for herself? What does her "Dad" Simon know if anything? (Maybe he is just an innocent alien from Ork? Just kidding).

Please write an entertaining story to answer my questions. Length is not important to me. Characters used is not important. Mul...
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I see a lot of resemblance between Xander and Sam Axe from "Burn Notice". Physically they are have similar traits, both can be annoying yet loyal and helpful, and both have been accused of having a colorful wardrobe. I would like to see a story that plays on this. They can be related (maybe Uncle Rory was one of Sam's undercover identities?), Xander may have dressed as "Commander Axe" for Halloween, or maybe they just met accidentally. I would prefer a light-hearted fun story, nothing real heavy (please). Thank you!
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How many people remember V - The Series/mini-series? The one where the "Visitors" were actually snake like aliens who ate mice and wanted to rule the world. I'd love to see a crossover with this series. Any crossover with this series is welcome, but like most challenge posters I have things I would LIKE to see.

1) I prefer ratings of R or less

2) I would like to see Xander &/or Giles as a main character

3) I think it would be fun to see Giles &/or Xander have a relationship (friendship or romantic) with Diana.

4) If someone wants to make it...
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I would like to see a crossover with the gang from "Third Rock from the Sun". I would prefer to see Xander as a major character although the idea of Giles and Sally is amusing to say the least and Dawn and Tommy make an odd amount of sense.

Relationships are not required and I prefer to avoid NC-17 stories. I hope someone considers trying this one. Thanks, Teri
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Anyone else like to hear stories about what Xander really did when he was on his road trip? I challenge you to write a story (drabble, epic, or any length in between) taking advantage of your favorite fandoms to explain what he really did.

Humor a bonus, but not required. Use your imagination and have fun! :) ~ Teri
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Using any character from any TV show, movie, or book write a story of Xander's real Dad (family).

The only "must have" is that the story idea is plausible, meaning Oz can't be Xander's real father without a really good explanation since they are the same age.


I know most of you have heard this challenge before. I originally wrote the first answer to this challenge in January of 2003 and there have been numerous stories ever since. I realized that the answers keep coming at this site (thank you), ...
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Some people claim there are a lot of these out there, maybe there are, but it is certainly one of my favorite crossovers.

I want to see a story where one of the gang is immortal. (bonus for Xander or Giles). The person can't be older than Methos, but preferably not a new immortal. They still need to be in character, not suddenly superwise or the only one who can win a fight. They maybe hiding their immortality but that is the main secret (meaning Xander isn't a superwizard whose powers surpass Cassandra and Willow isn't the world's greatest swordsman who could beat both Duncan...
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This is a simple one, but one I hope will peak everyone's interest. I want you to explain why Xander's middle name is Lavelle. There has to be a good reason for such an unusual name and of course we all know the only way to answer is to be found in a crossover.

Length: Your Choice; Crossover: Anything that catches your attention, but Stargate or MacGyver win bonus points; Pairings: Any or None; Xander Bashing is allowed, but discouraged; Rating: No NC-17 please.

Thank you to any and all who try this one.
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