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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author JayWhitefox

This Challenge starts when Xander walks into Ethan's and is told he the winner of a free costume as the 100th customer. The costume he is given is of the Crimson Cowl, but with a mix of older style an modern.

What looks like a black skin tight long sleeve shirt, black tight leather pants, black gloves, dark red leather boots with bronze buckles, red leather fingerless gloves that stop just a inch from his elbows with more bronze buckles, a bronze Batman style utility belt, red leather chest an back armor, a long flowing crimson red cloak, a set of red contact lens and...
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This challenge is to have the Scooby gang due to Halloween become the West Coast Ultimates. Should be set up where the Ultimates only just became known to the Public.

Buffy as Mockingbird
Dawn as Tigra
Willow as Arachne
Xander as U.S. Agent
Cordy as Sersi

An the cause of the change too Ethan's stock..
Kang the Conqueror

Ethan jerks in shock at the man standing in his shop, when before he had been alone. The man was fairly tall dressed in dark green suit with dark purple boots and gloves. His head covered by a blue mask, along with a dark purp...
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This challenge is to turn Xander into one of the Masters of Evil from Marvel comic. How that comes about is up too those who take up the challenge.

Or you could have Xander turned into a true Master or Evil with knowledge and skills of a large part of the super villain population due to a event.

Bonus points for:
Dawn begging to be Xander's minion to escape from Buffy.
Xander starting off only pretending to be bad but slowly getting to like the freedom of being the Villain.
Xander using the overlord checklist during his planning.
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This Challage is for Xander to think he's getting a stroke of good luck an getting a very impressive Apocalype costume for Ethan for Halloween. In the Aftermath of the night Xander finds not only does he still have the Master of the Hoursemen memories but also all his powers. This leave Sunnydale with a new big bad on it who belives in Surrival of the Fittest. It can't happen all at once but slowly as Xander gets more an more annoyed with Buffy an what a lack of challage the demons and vampires of Sunnydale have become to him.

Thing i'd like to see is Spike wetting himse...
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This Challenge is set for Halloween. Dawn is there an always has been. She convinces Xander to go out with her trick or treating an wearing a theme to their costumes. they go to Ethan's an gets a good deal on a box filled with damaged superhero costumes. Together they come up with their own original heroes.

On Halloween night when the spell is cast they first get a download of the memories,skills and powers if any of those who costume they used parts of in making their own. Then overlapping the rest is their original hero's minds, memories and such.

Xander-Nighthawk's Costum...
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The Challenge is to have one of the Scoobies suddenly find themselves in another world underground with a Dungeon heart an the Horned Reaper horny. He tells them the only why for them to even have a chance of getting home is to become a Dungeon Keeper.

Must haves:

1. if you use Xander he tries to remember the evil overlord list.
2. The Scooby in question tries to be only evil to other evil things.
3. If you use Willow she have a babble moment when she meets her first Mistress.

Bonus Points:
For using two or more Scoobies who both bond with the Dungeo...
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Buffy an the Scoobies are able to get a great deal on a box of damaged costumes for Halloween and Xander convinces them to come up with their own Amalgam superheroes. They even convince Giles an Jenny into costumes. Ethan had put a double whammy on the costumes in the box when he over heard the Scoobies mention getting Giles into a costume.

-Must Have-

Buffy remains the powerhouse of the Scoobies.
Giles dressed up as a mix of older heroes like the Shadow an Phantom.
Joyce putting together a costume from some of the things in the box.
Spike getting his butt kicked ...
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Xander is able to get a Forge of the X-men costume cheap for Halloween. That night Forge is able to help protect the others and also build some Vampire hunting gadgets. When the spell comes to a end Xander ends up keeping Forges memories, skills and even his powers but they end up costing him a arm and a leg.

Points I'd like to see:

Xander trying to hide the fact he now has a bionic arm and leg from the others to keep them from worrying.
Xander building a Scooby Lair to work out of.
Xander convinces Buffy to wear a uniform an mask while out on patrol.
Xander tags ...
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On that fateful night Xander was able to get Fancy looking staff from Ethan's an got out a old Wizard costume an went as a young Merlin the Magician. When the spell takes effect is has a rather strange reaction with Xander due to the fact he descended from the real Merlin who wasn't just a wizard but also an Ancient, who rather then Ascend like the rest figured out a way to take everything he is a place it within his DNA. This allows him to be reborn at different points from his descendent's. Most of the time the Merlin gene is dormant only becoming active when one of his blood ...
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