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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author AnthonyR


my challenge is for xander to dress as Melvin Smiley, which is a character played by Mark Walhberg, in the movie The Big Hit. i love that movie, and when i heard the name melvin a moment ago it made me think of that challenge.

Story length is at your descretion.

You can have xander dress as melvin form a movie, or you can have him dress as a generic assassin and give him melvin's memorie's, with melvin existing in their world.

you can also decide whether xander has memories of before, during, or after the movie.
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yet another halloween challenge. i was watching the movie Escape from L. A. earlier and the part where bruce campbell as the sergeon general of beverly hills say he's going to remove snake eye, it naturally made me think of xander. so the challenge is, have xander dress as "THE" Snake Plisken for halloween. ah, classic john carpenter.
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My challenge is a crossover with Eragon. you can add other crossovers if you wish.

the challenge is to have Xander transported to the Eragon Universe. for example, you could use the wish that Anyanka grants Cordelia as a way to transport him there.

when he arrives, he befriends Eragon, Brom and Saphira. later on he becomes a dragon rider. you say that the elves had another egg that the varden didn't know about, or that one of Gallbatorix's eggs is stolen, either by the varden, the elves, or eragon, brom, saphira, and Xander.
Preferably murtag isn't captured by the k...
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