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Author Frogsareevil

The Breakout Kings are given an old-case fugitive to catch. Set any series Breakout Kings, post-series 7 BTVS, it's been a few years since Faith escaped prison, since then she has moved up the ladder at New Watchers Council and is for all intents and purposes a different woman from the one who committed the crimes she was sent away for. But without a pardon she is still a wanted fugitive, and it is up to the Breakout Kings to track her down and send her back to prison.

Any length, pairing, rating, etc... but no major character bashing allowed.
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When the humans left Earth That Was, it wasn't because the human population was becoming unmanageable, it was more to do with the growing demon population. When Slayers were outed and the world knew about the supernatural forces it led to chaos. The humans started a global witch hunt for demons, slayers, witches and other supernatural beings alike, until they couldn't handle it anymore and had virtually destroyed earth. They left for another galaxy, leaving the slayers witches, demons, etc so that they could fight it out and kill each other off.

But the ...
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BTVS/Lost in Austen

When the Scoobies are searching for new slayers, they cast a spell to help them find each one. Before they reach Amanda to tell about her new found destiny, she vanishes off the face of the earth. Willow or some other witch (or other council asset) senses magic - and so they send one (or more) of the slayers/witches through a portal to try and find her.

Now i know LIA is kinda cheesy (it was once described as Pride and Prejudice for chavs) but despite this, when it was on TV, i and others that i know were completely addicted.

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