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Author junnights

There are more to vampires than what the watchers know, in fact only master vampires , their Childer and certain demons are aware of the fact. A Childe has to go trough a certain period/trial/++ before becoming an independent vampire while the average vampire are unable to think beyond the usual kill/feed/pleasure.

1.Because of Drusilla Spike is still a Childe – why is up to you
2.After she leaves him he realize the fact and instinct force him to go to Angel
3.Reactions from the Scooby/Hyperion crew
4.Somewhere in the story explain the 'poof' comment ...
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The Hyena gang(Heidi, Rhonda, Tor and Kyle) reunites with Xander. The Hyena has once more taken control and they need their Oba to get it under control. Unlike the last time they won't loose their mind (meaning that they can 'hide' it from the rest of the gang. Xander has felt it stirring but now it comes back with a vengeance. If Oz is there he should join the pack (changing the pack even more, were-hyenas?). They finds themselves a home and lives together. (sleeping together ++

- five-some...
- I'd prefer Xander Oz if he is there
- How do they react to de...
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Xander finds himself in a cell at the initiative.. why is he there and why is Oz sleeping beside him?

Xander Oz
Oz are forced to infect Xander
the 'good' doctor experiments on them (effects, why ++)
freedom - who freed them and what happens next?

Xander is 'female' and therefore submissive to Oz
Something that the Walsh (?) does changes them fundamentally = can no longer live ' normal' lives
Riley and maybe Graham helps free them (deserting, contacting the correct authorities.... ++)
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