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Author amusewithaview

Alright, the premise is simple: Penny is a Slayer and was Called (along with all the other Potentials) prior to the start of "The Big Bang Theory". Becoming a part of the nerd-guy's lives was not an accident, one or more of them features in a prophecy and she was sent to gain their trust, though she never expected to find love along the way...

1. Penny/ someone
2. the use of the line, "I told you it was a government plot!"
3. Dawn wow-ing one or more of the nerds with knowledge of an esoteric in-game language
4. at least three Scooby cameos (I'll inc...
Television > Big Bang Theory • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Sep 10]
We've all seen stories where a particular character (usually Buffy, Xander, or Harry Potter) is sent back in time to inhabit the body of their younger self. This leads to crazy shenanigans with fate, free will, and Fred Weasley. Know the general idea? Yeah? Alright, here's the twist:

What if the main character (hereafter referred to as MC) was sent back through time and into someone ELSE'S body. It could be someone they know or someone they've never met (from the crossover universe, perhaps). The MC has no idea what this young kid's life has been like and must learn about them t...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Aug 10]
This piece of dialogue has been floating about in my head for months now, and I would like to see it used. No requirements as far as crossovers, but the main female lead MUST be a BtVS character. All of them would have reactions to this, whether goor or bad is up to you.

Female Lead: -walks into room-

1st Male Character: "Dibs!"

2nd Male Character: -grumbles-

Female Lead: -blinks- "Did... did you just say 'dibs'?"

1st Male Character: "Maybe."

2nd Male Character: "If she vetoes your dibs, I call seconds!"

Female Lead: "..."...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [29 May 10]
One (or two) of the Trio decides to use his abilities for good. It starts out as sort of a game -- just as the super!bad thing did -- but eventually they get some sort of a wake-up call to just how serious the hero-biz is. Possibly hooking up with the Justice League or some other group, either as a member or a sort of aide.

Would prefer some sort of a comic cross.

Would also prefer a Jonathon-centric story (Andrew can come along for the ride, though).

Feel free to kill Warren, or keep him... bonus points if he's the first REAL big!bad that a Jon-hero or the Andrew-...
Comics • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Dec 08]
There are a LOT of Halloween stories/crossovers. Most authors have written at least one (I think I have somewhere around five? -blushes guiltily-), and some authors base their entire body of work around the variations they derive from that single episode.

So here's my Halloween-story Challenge: I would like to see a fic where two characters dress as the same person, but in different costumes. Since each got the same 'download' they share a connection and become friends. This will be easier to do with a Scoob and a non-Scoob, though any character is free game.

Possible cost...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 May 08] • Date Updated [18 Aug 08]
Alright, here goes:

Finding themselves over-run with Slayers post-Chosen, the Powers must do something really, truly DRASTIC to make some sort of balance with the dark side. Thus the Slayer line ends... and in a new world begins. In the HP world, Slayers are magical creatures along the order of House Elves: bonded to specific families as bodyguards, their slavery is common place.

Whether the Scoobies remember their old lives is up to you. Do they start a rebellion? Will they find allies among the Goblins? The Order? Will Hermione Granger start a one-woman liberation mov...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Jan 08]
Alright this is a strange brainstorm but just go with me, ok?

Hank leaves his wife and child because of a failed marriage. What if Summers was Joyce's maiden name? What if McCoy was her married name? What if the reason he left was because his [Hank McCoy's] mutation suddenly surfaced and he couldn't face his family? OR maybe even because Joyce couldn't deal with it?

So far as I can recall, Hank McCoy's mutation surfaced late in his life. He was a scientist, a doctor, and a mutant... wouldn't it be interesting for Buffy and Dawn to be his kids? I'm seeing blue hair in th...
Marvel Universe > X-Men • Responses [2] • Date Added [10 Dec 07] • Date Updated [10 Jan 10]
We've all seen (and enjoyed) various stories in which either

A) Hermione grows up to be Buffy or

B) Xander is somehow sent back to be Harry.

These are all well and good, but what if Xander/Willow was sent back not as the main character, but as someone in his inner circle? Can they change things from behind the scenes while keeping the spotlight firmly on Potter?

Would like to see:
Xander as either Neville or Ron (heck, make him Dudley!)
Willow as either Hermione or Ginny
More than 1,000 words
Changed canon (in a way that works)

Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Oct 07]
There are a gazillion Xander-Halloween stories, there are even some good Buffy and Dawn ones. What about Cordelia? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Cordy into another costume and write a story about it.

That's it - put Cordy in a costume from Ethan's.

Multiple Crossings • Responses [5] • Date Added [27 Aug 07]
Gorgeous boys. Fast cars. Dark magic. A boarding school.

All four can make a wonderful fic, but when combined... the results can be simply amazing. Which is why I do not understand the distinct lack of Covenant crossovers on this site! C'mon people, start writing!

Would like to see more than one thousand words and *fingers crossed* a little romance wouldn't be amiss. Caleb, Reid, Pogue, Tyler, even Chase or Aaron - pick your poison, taste the rainbow, use whatever analogy you wish: they're all pretty darn tasty.

Movies > Covenant • Responses [4] • Date Added [23 Aug 07] • Date Updated [10 Jan 10]
End of Season Four, the weird Slayer dreams. Remember the cheese guy? Yeah, sure you do, he was WEIRD. I never heard of an explanation for him (if you know one, feel free to e-mail me via the link in my profile), so thus this challenge was born.

There are three seperate ways to take this challenge:

1) Have the cheese guy show up in some crossover character's dream. He should be a background character, as he was in the Scooby dreams, but the dream that he shows up in should have some special significance.

2) Find an explanation for the cheese man. Is he a demon...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [2] • Date Added [16 Jul 07]
When the spell hit the world, what if somebody famous was Called?

How does this new Slayer deal with being in the spotlight and Slaying in the dark?

How do the Scoobies approach such an auspicious personage?

Cross with whatever you like, but the new Slayer must be someone famous.

Possible crossovers:
Hannah Montana
Princess Diary Series

Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Jul 07]
The monks had to get a soul somewhere, right?

I've seen lotsa Buffy-is-Julianna stories, but what about Dawnie? What if she was Asher's old Human Servant?

Take the concept/idea and run with it wherever you may please!
Anita Blake • Responses [3] • Date Added [20 Jun 07]
Edward (at some point in canon, preferably around Obsidian Butterfly) gets Donna pregnant and asks Anita to be the godmother. She accepts and even attends the infant girl's birth... cue Big Evil's entrance.

Someone from either Edward's or Anita's past kidnaps the kiddie and takes her to an alternate dimension where she grows up to be the Buffy we all know and love. As time runs differently across the borders of space and magic, by the time the doting gun-toting daddy finds his little girl she's all growed up.

You can choose when in BtVS canon he finds the Buffster. Could b...
Anita Blake • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 May 07] • Date Updated [18 Aug 08]
There aren't enough crossovers with comics.

Some BtVS character is dumped into either Marvel
or DC. Whether this be movie or actual comic-based
is entirely up to you. Just cross it with something that
is or has at some point been a comic. The person dumped
will PREFERABLY adopt a masked-persona of their own. The
Scoobs couldn't stay out of the burning building for very long.

over 2,000 words
fun, please keep the angst light (unless it's Batman)
would prefer a non-Xander fic, but if you must...

Comics • Responses [1] • Date Added [10 May 07]
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