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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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After Xander steals the rocket launcher from a marine base Gibbs' team is sent to investigate. Upon discovering footage from the mall security cameras, Gibbs sees Xander do something that a marine would do ie a martial art move, a particularly difficult rifle shot, some skill that a teenage boy should not have. The proof of the existence of demons convinces Gibbs not to press charges. After investigating the Scoobies, Gibbs discovers Xander is his friend Mac Taylor's son. After Gibbs meets Xander's alcoholic parents he decides to rescue him and take him to Mac.
~The story starts in New Yor...
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While visiting New York during his road trip Xander saves Gabriel from a demon. Gabriel thinking the demon was human was trying to get info on the Witchblade. Because of Xander's skill and knowledge of the demonic world Gabriel asks him to stay and help Sara. Since demons now know who the wielder is, Xander can't abandon them.

~Xander/Gabriel pairing a must.
~Story should be set after Danny's death. Xander can see and converse with Danny.
They bring out the snarkiness in each other. When introduced to Sara and seeing
Danny, Xander should Willow babble about Dann...
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There's been several stories where Xander is turned into a baby. But what if the roles are reversed. How would Xander handle a newborn or maybe a toddler.

Must Haves
~Supernatural means should be used. For example: Horatio makes a wish after Speed is shot and Hallie pops and says granted. Surprise, Xander has a bouncing 5 year old Speed to raise. The child should keep at least some of their personality and or memories but still be childlike.

~No Anya so Xander moves to be near his child's family and friends.

~Only one or none of the characters from the crossover...
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Crossover with Boondock Saints

Xander makes it to Boston on his road trip where he has to save Connor or Murphy McManus from something supernatural. The story should start near the beginning of their tenure as the Saints of Retribution so that Xander is nearer their age. When they learn the truth about what goes bump in the night they decide to join Xander in his fight.

Please include:
~Xander/Murphy slash
~Xander dealing with Faith and Graduation
~Reawakened possessions
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