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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author TheHeartist

Upon the formation of the B.S.A.A. they automatically would look for the best kind of people to recruit. What if Xander came up on their radar and answered their call?

A few things:

-Must be post Resident Evil 4
-You can insert Xander into the events of Resident Evil 5 if you wish, or craft an entirely new story
-The appearences of any other Scoobs and/or the Fang Gang are more than welcome
-Must have Xander paired with another Resident Evil character as his partner (mission-wise, althought you're welcome to any kind of romantic ships you want to include also.)...
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What if during Season Seven, Buffy and co. realised they were fighting a losing battle and tapped on some serious magicks to raise Leonidas and co. from the dead to help them fight the war against the First?

Must have:
-Buffy running around like a mad woman trying to stop the Potentials from drolling all over the Spartans.
-Faith appearing to help Buffy but actually going behind her back and hitting on all of them.
-Xander and Spike being made honorary Spartans

Anything else is up to you. I'd do this myself, but I've got too many projects going on at the moment. H...
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If anyone was a fan of Life On Mars, you might wanna respond to this one! AU, at the end of Chosen, Buffy is knocked out escaping the collapsing Hellmouth and is found by the Scoobs in a coma and her body is taken to safety on the bus. Buffy however, wakes up in Manchester 1973, and ends up meeting DI Sam Tyler and DCI Gene Hunt (Gene Hunt is a must!)

If you can, include younger versions of Buffy characters, Giles and Spike are the most obvious actually being English.

I look forward to seeing someone treat this soon, I'd do it myself but I'm swamped by coursework! Perhaps a s...
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