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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Satori

C'mon, you'd think someone would have put our two curious blonde girls on a case together by now.

Investigative Reporter Chloe Sullivan and Private Investigator Veronica Mars, bump into each other while looking into something... like say maybe a town named Sunnydale that fell into a crater.
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Scoobies, however heroic, are not always noted for tact, sensitivity, or social skills in general.

Through the metaphor of social/ballroom Dancing, explore the social failings of any Scooby... Xander's pig-headedness, insecurity, or double standards with regards to Buffy's relationships; Buffy's bossiness or tendency to put her own desires ahead of other's well-being; Andrew's annoyingness or tactlessness.... Pick any character flaw and show how ineptitude in the "dance" of social interaction is mirrored in attempting to dance on th ballroom floor.

For the purposes of this c...
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