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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author GypsyDruid


Faith decides to join the SRU under whatever conditions the author decides, but not as a punishment. She replaces Lewis on Team One after his death.

Novella or novel length preferred, with at least one full 'Hot Call' scenario.

While I am a Buffy femslash fan, I am well aware that Faith is very gender friendly, so if you go with a relationship, I would love to see
Faith/Donna Sabine (Team 3)
Faith/Sgt. Troy (Team 4)
Basically anyone that isn't Parker, Lane or Wordy
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Buffy/NCIS: LA

For whatever reason, or by whatever means, Hettie decides on Buffy Summers to replace Dom after he's killed.

Not particular about the plot, but would to see something like Buffy ends up being related to Callen (younger sister, adopted between infant-2yrs. foster care would explain why she wasn't scooped up the found as a child).

Would like Buffy/Kenzi (despite being partners), but would definitely like to see Buffy have a unique, decidedly non antagonistic, relationship with Hettie, and dumb-downable understandability with the resident geek-speak.
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Buffy/Village of the Damned (1995)

After fleeing Midwitch, Jill and David run to Jill's half-sister Joyce in Sunnydale. There, David finds safety, security and an acceptance that he'd never known outside of his mother when he senses that, like him, Joyce's two daughters are more than they appear to be.

Must haves:
Buffy coming across Jill and David being attacked by vampires, and see David use his powers to keep the vamps back, and they should see her fight and dust the vamps. After returning to the Summers' house, everyone swaps stories.
David and Dawn become a Scoob...
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What if the Portal Buffy fell through in "The Gift" actually led to the Seefra System.

Buffy makes a new life, and eventually comes into contact with Drago Museveni, who takes her DNA during their affair and creates the Nietzschean race.

Must haves:
1. Buffy has to eventually find out what Drago does and kick his a** for it, before Dylan defeats him as in the show.
2. Buffy has to meet Dylan & team up with him to fight the Abyss, but whether she joins the crew is your choice.
3. Trance has to set off Buffy's spidey sense for whatever reason. (she's the new, im...
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