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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Jinni

What happens when Alec gets mistaken for Dean and accepted into a whole new family of weirdness?
Stories [5] • Updated [7 Dec 06]
Jess left home to get away from the madness of her younger sister's world. Then it catches up with her and all Buffy can do it pick up the pieces.
Stories [5] • Updated [24 Dec 06]
Willow and Sam both left their lives of hunting behind, wanting something normal. This is what happened after that.
Stories [3] • Updated [22 Mar 07]
The Not Your Typical Military Wife Universe
Stories [3] • Updated [1 Aug 06]
A chance encounter between a hunter and a slayer in a cemetery leads to something much more.
Stories [2] • Updated [20 Feb 07]
Willow finds herself in the time of the Greek gods and goddesses, and in a certain god of war's bed.
Stories [5] • Updated [22 Aug 03]
A visitor to the Roadhouse changes Jo's life forever.
Stories [3] • Updated [20 Feb 07]