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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author jezaeiri

Ressurections are dangerous things, so much can go wrong. And when Buffy's does she's left alone to deal with it. At least until some interesting friends and enemies fall into her lap.
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Aug 09]
It's all they have.
Stories [5] • Updated [24 Feb 11]
Nothing is simple. Nothing is clear. Nothing is safe. Nothing turns out like you think it will. And that's the beauty and the tragedy of it.
Stories [3] • Updated [19 Apr 12]
They've always been heading for this.
Stories [5] • Updated [19 Jul 11]
Freedom comes in may forms. The trick is finding out what freedom means to you. For Buffy that challenge begins in Middle Earth.
Stories [1] • Updated [24 Jun 07]