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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Ramenth

Entries to the 2009 Fic-A-Day Contest on Twistedshorts.
Stories [8] • Updated [13 Aug 09]
Sometimes things fall nicely into place. Everything is in it's box, no questions to be asked. You catch the monster and you go home. Sometimes, they don't.
Stories [2] • Updated [29 Oct 09]
A collection of Ficathon Stories
Stories [2] • Updated [30 Aug 10]
When your mother runs an Antique Store cum Art Gallery, you get a lot of strange things in the mail. Masks, paintings, sculpture, tiles. Even, occasionally, old roman coins. But Anthrax isn't the only dangerous thing the Post Office ships these days...
Stories [2] • Updated [28 Aug 10]