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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Angelfirenze

Gabriel Tam is finally made to understand value in the intangible...
Stories [5] • Updated [26 Feb 11]
When Bobby Goren accepted the ICW's offer, he found something else he'd never
Stories [4] • Updated [17 May 10]
She went out and snatched up the son of another now so dear to her after all of her deflection...but Connor wasn't Bobby and Angel wasn't Lou.
Stories [8] • Updated [19 Jul 11]
"I'm the Devil," he said brokenly. "The Devil exists and he is me." "No," the -- his Father stated simply and Severus looked up in angry disbelief. "You've only just shown me as much!"
Stories [2] • Updated [10 Jun 10]
Blanks in 'Middle Son' getting filled in, I would hope...
Stories [10] • Updated [23 Jul 11]