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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author TouchoftheWind

Christmas presents I have written for friends in 2011.
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Dec 11]
Connor leaves LA when he is kicked out of the Hyperion by Angel, he goes to San Francisco and meets the Charmed sons.
Stories [3] • Updated [17 Mar 09]
Harry Potter slash pairings, some oneshots and maybe short stories.
Stories [1] • Updated [17 Jul 09]
When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella is turned by the Vampire Angelus.
Stories [2] • Updated [4 May 09]
A collection of one-shots and short stories focusing on a crossover couple from Roswell and Buffy/Angel. E.g. SpikeLiz or DrusillaMichael.
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Apr 08]
When Connor is kicked out of the Hotel in Season 4 he meets someone who changes everything. The mysterious Kal. SLASH
Stories [1] • Updated [23 Sep 08]
Bella is actually Bella Summers, Buffy's little sister and the Key.
Stories [2] • Updated [1 Nov 09]
A series which groups together all my Connor challenges.
Stories [4] • Updated [7 May 11]