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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author MarcusSLazarus

The amulet containing Spike is recovered by Riley and sent to the SGC, resulting in some crucial changes occurring for both worlds...
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Sep 14]
A world where Angel spent a few decades between his ensoullment and meeting Buffy with some interesting company.
Stories [2] • Updated [16 Sep 12]
The steps that led to Talia al Ghul becoming Kate Beckett, and her reaction to the Dark Knight...
Stories [3] • Updated [15 Apr 13]
Witness the consequences as the Charmed Ones gain a new ally, and Paige gains a new love interest in the form of Angel, the vampire with a soul
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Sep 14]
A team of some of the darker supernatural heroes in the world is formed to battle a new kind of evil
Stories [3] • Updated [21 May 12]
My look at the world of "Bones" where Seeley Booth is Angel
Stories [3] • Updated [9 Aug 14]