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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author nedwards

The Xenomorph and the Yaujta clash.
Stories [3] • Updated [12 Dec 12]
Buffy learns that the nature of the Slayer and of the Ringworld closely connected
Stories [3] • Updated [5 Apr 10]
The secret adventures of Ms. Kitty Fantastico
Stories [2] • Updated [4 Feb 12]
The Slayers are awakened in Leto's Empire
Stories [3] • Updated [22 Aug 09]
The Slayers of Dune must figure out how to live in the world they've created.
Stories [3] • Updated [10 Dec 10]
Liam Atreides, son of Buffy Summers and Paul Maud'dib emerges to change the universe.
Stories [3] • Updated [15 Jan 12]
Events on Arrakis force the return of Buffy Summers to the world of Dune.
Stories [2] • Updated [30 Jun 13]