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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Luna

Willow and Pam are wonderful gift givers...
Stories [2] • Updated [16 Jul 11]
An eventual 3-part series documenting the beat-down that Buffy and the Scoobies perform on St. Louis vampires & weres, Anita Blake, and the Vampire Council.
Stories [2] • Updated [25 Feb 10]
Willow tried to bring Tara backā€¦and she did. Unfortunately, she was brought back to life in 1672. Now 'Lenore' has to deal with witches, demons, pagan gods, and even angels, as she struggles to find the red-haired woman she sees in her dreams.
Stories [2] • Updated [30 Sep 13]
How does one train hundreds of new Slayers? Enter the Slayer Academy where teenage Slayers are arriving from different countries and up until now had lived entirely different lives; but they have one thing in common: Destiny.
Stories [3] • Updated [22 Aug 11]
Dawn's name is a hint at her true past, for she was there at the dawn of time on this earth. Her choices have consequences, and they affect more people than she realizes.
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Jan 13]
Beginning with the story 'Willow's Thief', this series will consist of all other follow-up stories that take place in this universe. The main crossing is BTVS with Harry Potter, but other fandoms get to play as well :)
Stories [3] • Updated [29 Apr 12]