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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author kerrykhat

A storm's a coming. Stranded in a new universe, Buffy just hopes that she can survive it.
Stories [3] • Updated [2 Nov 14]
Science and magic. Gods and Slayers. Change is coming, and they must be ready.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Aug 12]
An attack at a Slayer-Were meeting leaves lives changed and destinies altered in ways none can imagine.
Stories [6] • Updated [3 Nov 13]
Buffy Summers and Samuel Cornick, despite everything, can't seem to escape from each other.
Stories [8] • Updated [5 Aug 14]
The course of love never did run smooth. Buffy Summers and Charles Cornick are no exception.
Stories [4] • Updated [24 Mar 14]
All may be fair in love and war, but that doesn't mean it comes without costs.
Stories [9] • Updated [12 Oct 11]
The monks didn't send the Key to the Slayer. Instead, they chose a former fighter pilot turned smuggler.
Stories [4] • Updated [21 Apr 14]
Sometimes, your family is a little stranger than you think it is. Sometimes, it's a whole lot stranger.
Stories [5] • Updated [1 Sep 10]
It looks like immortality might skip a generation in the Harkness family tree.
Stories [2] • Updated [10 Dec 13]
Destiny and reincarnation, never two of Buffy's favorite words, take on new meanings when she meets Carter Hall.
Stories [3] • Updated [12 Oct 13]
Sometimes, a dream is more than just a dream. It's a glimpse of what was, what might have been, and what could be.
Stories [5] • Updated [26 Oct 10]
There's one secret that Joyce never told her daughters: that her father was Erik Lensherr and that he was an infamous mutant terrorist.
Stories [3] • Updated [6 Aug 14]
A strange man in a blue box, a Slayer trying to escape her past, and an encounter in Los Angeles spark a journey of a lifetime for Buffy Summers.
Stories [3] • Updated [14 Aug 12]
The story of Buffy and Dean, told in a series of songfics. They're stand alone unless stated otherwise
Stories [3] • Updated [4 Nov 09]
Learning the ways of the Force is taking the first steps into the larger world. So Faith begins her journey.
Stories [6] • Updated [24 Apr 14]
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