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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author MarcusRowland

100-word drabbles about conversations in parking lots...
Stories [5] • Updated [28 Nov 05]
The Monks of Dagon wanted to be able to reuse the Key, but portals stay open until Dawn dies. There's a simple answer, of course...
Stories [3] • Updated [28 Jan 10]
Halloween stories with a difference
Stories [5] • Updated [10 Mar 13]
Dawn sets out on an interdimensional quest to learn more about the Key. The answers aren't what she expects...
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Dec 04]
Some round robins I've started
Stories [6] • Updated [24 Feb 11]
Index for my stories based on the Saint books, films, and TV series.
Stories [6] • Updated [31 Dec 10]
Series summary for my BtVS / CSI crossover series
Stories [12] • Updated [8 Nov 06]
Small changes can make a big difference to the world
Stories [3] • Updated [6 May 09]
A year after Superman Returns, another visitor arrives from space. How will the returning Supergirl fit in to our world?
Stories [14] • Updated [19 Oct 13]
Willow's family tree is unusually tangled - in space, time, and several alternate worlds
Stories [2] • Updated [23 Jun 06]
Dawn decides to write about Sunnydale... and her work is surprisingly influential
Stories [3] • Updated [24 Dec 06]
Superman stories, mostly crossovers (not only with BtVS), based on Lois and Clark and Superman Returns
Stories [12] • Updated [28 Oct 10]