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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author CorruptedSmile

Five different Buffy characters, five different crossover fandoms, one prompt word: coffee.
Stories [5] • Updated [4 Sep 11]
A collection of episodes for the blind date show "Crossing Your Path". Crack!fics.
Stories [2] • Updated [9 Jan 11]
Bingo Card Challenge running between me and lothlorien.
Stories [2] • Updated [21 Jul 13]
Any and all extras will be dumped here.
Stories [8] • Updated [10 Jul 11]
Challenge: Five Buffy characters, five crossover fandoms, five feelings. (plus all the extra stories that didn't make the final cut)
Stories [8] • Updated [24 Apr 12]
'Love Is ...' the Weasley twins getting together with Xander. Or should that be 'Trouble Is ...'?
Stories [4] • Updated [22 Feb 11]
In these stories I'm walking a fine line between slash and gen. You decide which is which.
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Nov 11]