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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Jmaria

Name confusion and wacky hi-jinks follow the Weasley twins around and all the way to LA.
Stories [3] • Updated [22 Jan 04]
First there were 21 for 21, followed by 22 for 22 and the fall out from that...
Stories [7] • Updated [19 Mar 13]
BTVS/Supernatural crossovers featuring the pairings of Faith/Sam and Dawn/Dean and following the process of falling in love for real and/or the first time, with hunting/slaying involved.
Stories [4] • Updated [25 Jan 07]
Cassie gets sent on a mission by the PtB.
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Apr 04]
Twenty songs, twenty pairings, twenty more reasons for insanity. Now times 3!
Stories [4] • Updated [24 Nov 09]
Ficlet collections written during the 2009 holiday season.
Stories [4] • Updated [14 Apr 11]
Unrelated oneshots that hit me while I was in the know, work.
Stories [2] • Updated [12 Apr 11]
Millicent lived an entire lifetime living up to all those labels, when all she really wanted was to be accepted for who she was. Too bad she had to die to get it.
Stories [2] • Updated [23 Mar 12]
Buffy and Charlie met randomly, loved deeply, and had a little girl who changed their (not so) simple lives forever.
Stories [6] • Updated [5 Dec 10]
Every slayer feels like a bit of freak when she learns that she's a slayer. Marilyn Munster is no exception.
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Jan 04]
Before Rose, Jack, Mickey, Martha, and Donna there was a girl named Dawn Summers. And while traveling with him nearly killed her, being without her Doctor was nearly a fate worse than death.
Stories [10] • Updated [15 Nov 09]
Four years worth of October drabbles and ficlet writings inspired by ffa pairings.
Stories [6] • Updated [8 Mar 12]
A world that multiplied and crossed fandoms...and ate my brain, but not really. BtVS/Charmed (if you squint)/Dark-Hunter/Doctor Who/Supernatural
Stories [13] • Updated [28 Nov 12]
Pansy the Vampire Slayer's adventures with her crazy watcher Andrew.
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Apr 04]
On the road to Merlotte's, three groups of strangers meet up to fight the darkness.
Stories [3] • Updated [6 Jun 12]
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