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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Cyclone

On Kingman's Bluff, healing begins, and an old flame is rekindled.
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Jul 07]
After Halloween, everything changes.
Stories [14] • Updated [5 Jul 12]
Decades into the future, while investigating a string of vampire murders in Japan, Xander Harris finds himself with something very unexpected.
Stories [4] • Updated [26 Jul 07]
Xander dresses as a legendary hero...'s sidekick on that fateful Halloween.
Stories [4] • Updated [14 Dec 03]
What if Buffy wasn't the only one with an illicit affair?
Stories [1] • Updated [24 Jul 07]
Xander's Kerouac trip takes him quite a bit farther than Oxnard.
Stories [3] • Updated [25 Jul 07]