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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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The Scoobies have grown apart and are barely speaking. Can anything be done?
Stories [8] • Updated [22 Jan 15]
A series of crossovers with various classics of childrens' literature with an adult undertone added.
Stories [7] • Updated [14 May 14]
A vow was made in anger and in hate and those who took it came to regret it. And a long, long time later, some try to make amends
Stories [2] • Updated [25 Oct 14]
A universe in which the right man happens by at the right time and changes Joyce's life...and that of those around her.
Stories [22] • Updated [22 Jan 15]
Joyce's father was a philanderer. So was Janet's. And it was the same man, even.
Stories [4] • Updated [17 May 14]