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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Alkeni

Highlander-Cross. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce died that night when Justine slit his throat. And then came back to life: An Immortal. Follow the adventures of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Dead Man Walking. Weslah, Immortal!Lilah. Various other crossovers at some points.
Stories [3] • Updated [3 Feb 13]
What if Lilah Morgan had decided to work somewhere less...immediately dangerous than Los Angeles? Somewhere like Washington D.C.? Who might she have gone head to head with? AU, various cross-overs.
Stories [3] • Updated [5 May 14]
Wesley Wyndamn-Pryce and Daniel Jackson knew eachother at Oxford. When visiting him L.A. Daniel stumbles across the reality of his old friend's line work.
Stories [2] • Updated [12 Dec 14]
The Iron Coin, an artifact created by a powerful entity known as 'The Jester', allows its user to see what Fate has in store for a given person. And now Xander Harris has it. And he's not happy about what Fate has in store for his friends.
Stories [3] • Updated [10 Dec 14]
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce leads a team of minor practicioners and supernatural-savvy mercenaries in a fight against the forces of Wolfram and Hart in Chicago - but there are wider implications at stake.
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Oct 13]