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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Cordelia discovers just what exactly she was turned into and tumbles into a world full of magic--and the sidhe.
Stories [4] • Updated [3 Apr 05]
Dawn's wish remakes the world into something just left of normal. She and Anya must pick up the pieces and move on where surprising relationships are around every corner.
Stories [2] • Updated [4 Mar 06]
When Angel signs on with Wolfram & Hart to save his son, he had no idea that Connor would become the son of a Wizarding scion with a dark fate all his own.
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Nov 04]
Johnny Smith finds an unexpected solution to his moral dilemma when a certain dark-haired beauty (with really sharp teeth) pays him a visit.
Stories [2] • Updated [7 Jun 03]
The collected stories that sprung from the world of an Immortal Wesley after the end of S5 AtS.
Stories [4] • Updated [3 Apr 06]
What if Lucian didn't die at the end of Underworld? What he he went somewhere else and became another mystery for a diligent young physicist to unravel? Fred/Lucian.
Stories [2] • Updated [16 Oct 03]
Cordy's stint in a coma was far more eventful than her friends at Angel Investigations--now Wolfram & Hart--could ever have realized. Except now they've invited her dreams home to play and have no idea what to do with a former March Warden of Lothlorien.
Stories [1] • Updated [23 Nov 03]
Turns out River isn't crazy, she's just got friends in Labyrinthian places. River/Jareth. Crossover between Firefly and Labyrinth.
Stories [3] • Updated [10 Jun 07]
Angel Investigations swings through Middle Earth on the way home from Pylea.
Stories [2] • Updated [14 Apr 03]
Faith and Edward have more in common than they would ever expect--especially since they don't exist in the same dimension. Minor obstacles, no?
Stories [2] • Updated [22 Aug 04]
When Willow seeks redemption she does it with style...the black-magicky sort.
Stories [1] • Updated [5 Dec 04]