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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author FaithUnbreakable

Buffy, Winchesters, demons, a gun and a whole lot of history to disentangle.
Stories [3] • Updated [24 Dec 12]
For millennia she slept before waking in a new world where darkness is rising. Again.
Stories [4] • Updated [2 Nov 07]
Buffy was in heaven and now she's not. People in two worlds have to deal with the aftermath and all she wants is to go back. COMPLETE
Stories [10] • Updated [6 Sep 06]
Our favorite intrepid road-tripping trio's adventures. The goal: Kick some fugly ass and keep Dean outta hell.
Stories [8] • Updated [9 Feb 13]
Buffy has a past that no-one knows and a future that she doesn't see. Yet.
Stories [7] • Updated [15 Mar 10]
There will be war on Earth.
Stories [2] • Updated [19 Mar 09]
Buffy, Jack and the Doctor, all across time and space.
Stories [2] • Updated [6 Feb 11]
The twenty-four days of Christmas, fanfiction style. And it happens every year.
Stories [4] • Updated [6 Oct 13]