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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Lucinda

A gathering of my assorted 20 minutes with fics.
Stories [30] • Updated [3 Feb 06]
Willow confronts Angel about coffee, and things spiral from there.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Mar 12]
Just an effort to connect my linked Muppet stories.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Nov 10]
Life changed for Madelyn Pryor when she married Scott Summers. A look at their life in Alaska, and how things could have gone afterwards for her...
Stories [2] • Updated [7 Oct 12]
A series of events that start with Cordelia Chase being hired for a small part on a television series called 'Galaxy Quest'
Stories [3] • Updated [13 Jan 06]
a gathering of my responses to the 10-100 challenge.
Stories [8] • Updated [17 May 10]
Time travel doesn't always solve everything, but it can make some good stories.
Stories [2] • Updated [10 Jun 03]
Willow didn't expect anything unusual when she started researching her family tree. She certainly didn't expect to be related to Magneto...
Stories [3] • Updated [11 Nov 10]
Willow's uncle Severus takes an interest in her future...
Stories [3] • Updated [29 May 13]