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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Greywizard

There are many alternate versions of everyone somewhere in the vastness of the multiverse. In this particular case, the Scoobies met and merged with theirs.
Stories [2] • Updated [6 Dec 14]
When the Powers took steps to change things on the Hellmouth, they didn't appreciate what the consequences of their actions would be.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Aug 12]
Several of the Scoobies have undergone serious changes in both their lives and themselves. How they react will be a true indication of their inner selves.
Stories [2] • Updated [19 Aug 12]
Not everything works out the way they were originally planned, and that pesky 'Free Will' thing is what really pisses the Powers off.
Stories [5] • Updated [18 Feb 13]
Events after Graduation occurred quite differently and the Scoobies broke apart with serious consequences.
Stories [2] • Updated [21 Dec 11]
Actions always have consequences, and no matter what the originators' intentions might be, they can't foresee everything.
Stories [3] • Updated [8 Jul 11]
The Golden Trio and some allies return to their past to prevent previous mistakes from reoccurring.
Stories [6] • Updated [10 May 13]
Th survivors of Sunnydale's implosion find that they've been selected by unknown powers for yet another mission.
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Mar 14]
Buffy's encounter with Dracula is going to bring major changes to all of the Scoobies’ lives. Whether they like it or not.
Stories [2] • Updated [31 Aug 13]
Xander may not be exactly who he thinks he is.
Stories [2] • Updated [2 Feb 07]
Xander recovers some of his possesions that had been stolen and the consequences are far more wide-reaching than expected.
Stories [2] • Updated [17 Jan 07]
People make mistakes. And sometimes, they can't be rectified.
Stories [2] • Updated [27 Jun 11]
Travel can make people grow in unexpected ways, and that's what's happened to Xander Harris on his post-Graduation Road Trip.
Stories [3] • Updated [6 Dec 12]
Various heroes return to the present, to try and prevent various apocalyptic events which threatened humanity's very existence.
Stories [2] • Updated [16 Aug 14]
Their costume choices will be affecting a great many people in Sunnydale, and the world, too, evntually.
Stories [3] • Updated [31 Oct 12]
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