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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author KaylaShay

Series of fanart collections that span multiple fandoms, characters and themes.
Stories [7] • Updated [7 Nov 08]
Neal Caffrey has had many firsts in his life. These are just few that intersect with the world of the Watchers and Slayers.
Stories [2] • Updated [28 Feb 13]
A collection of fics based upon the five things challenge...
Stories [4] • Updated [19 Feb 08]
A series of 20 minute fics to show why Tara left home and headed for California and where exactly that home was.
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Dec 06]
The collection of fics for my entries into the Slash-Me-Twice prompt list.
Stories [6] • Updated [2 Aug 09]
A series of interconnecting fics that bring together the Winchesters and a couple of NCIS agents.
Stories [2] • Updated [31 Jan 08]
An attempt to answer the mysteries that surround Alexander Harris.
Stories [2] • Updated [19 Jan 09]