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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Caliadragon

On Halloween Xander and Dawn dress as two of their favorite characters.
Stories [1] • Updated [20 Jun 04]
Xander finds out that Wolverine from the X-Men is his father.
Stories [3] • Updated [27 Jan 04]
One man's end brings a change and a new life to another man's.
Stories [2] • Updated [18 Dec 06]
Xander meets someone on a beach that will change his life.
Stories [3] • Updated [18 Feb 11]
A dying and injured Xander is given the chance to go to a new world and teach a different kind of Slayer.
Stories [3] • Updated [15 Jan 11]
Xander Harris has come to Miami and is enjoying the view. Slash and Het
Stories [2] • Updated [29 Mar 07]
Xander's life has changed unexpectedly.
Stories [3] • Updated [20 Jan 11]
These are stories that I have written in BJ Jones Sylumverse.
Stories [3] • Updated [23 Nov 05]
Willow, Spike, and Xander find their lives changed when she comes back from England.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Sep 04]
Xander Harris has lost to much and lived to long.
Stories [4] • Updated [8 Jul 08]
Willow makes a mistake that results in four men being joined.
Stories [1] • Updated [24 Jun 03]
The Buffy Warriors have become to strong so the PTBs send them out to different realms to find their mates.
Stories [5] • Updated [20 Jul 12]
Xander meets Harry Potter and things change.
Stories [1] • Updated [11 Oct 03]
Xander makes a wish and changes his life and the life of Harry Potter
Stories [1] • Updated [27 Jul 04]