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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author texaswookie

The balance has shifted, and heroes need more power to answer the change. The Powers of Old have awoken and have begun to choose their Champions for the coming war. People become Super heroes without using the YAHF method.
Stories [3] • Updated [2 Jul 14]
The Family Reunion to beat all Family Reunions
Stories [2] • Updated [22 Feb 11]
Gibbs has his infamous Gut to help him figure things out. There are other people out there that have their own special something to help them though. This is what happens when the gifted meet.
Stories [2] • Updated [21 Aug 12]
My collection of 2010 Halloween fics.
Stories [5] • Updated [31 Oct 10]
A series of possible Halloween costumes only Xander is the victim for most of them this time around.
Stories [3] • Updated [11 Oct 11]
Jason Lee Scott, First of Zordon's Power Rangers. Now an Immortal, he must find his own place in Power Ranger History. Is he a Power Ranger, an Immortal or is there a way to be both?
Stories [10] • Updated [18 Oct 10]
What happens when an international organization like the Council suddenly loses control of their primary bartering tool? Governments step in to clean up the mess.
Stories [2] • Updated [25 Oct 13]
BUffy went as Dr. Helen Magnus for Halloween now stuck with the memories she faces bother the world of the supernatural and the Abnormal world trying to balance the two.
Stories [7] • Updated [18 Mar 11]
The Scoobies having a quote off with the mouth piece of the Ancients Oma
Stories [3] • Updated [19 Nov 10]
The Wolfram and Hart Clients that Angel had to take on when he started making W&H somewhat good.
Stories [3] • Updated [1 Jan 11]