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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Dmitri

A BtVS Season 8 AU: Faith, alongside with Giles and some over activated potentials is dealing with the wand-wielders' world and vice versa with mixed results.
Stories [11] • Updated [19 Jun 12]
The Summers family moves to Sunnydale, right across the street from Do'Urdens, a drow family. And what are the dragons up to?
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Apr 13]
Settling down onto Cleveland's Hellmouth is hard, as Buffy, Dawn and others find out. Set pre S8 (loosely speaking).
Stories [7] • Updated [22 Nov 12]
Being a Vampire Slayer in Eureka is tough: there are few vampires, but there are many inventions running amok, not to mention the scientists...
Stories [2] • Updated [19 Nov 11]
S6 AU: Willow's spell misfires, and the BtVS universe begins to get transformed...
Stories [8] • Updated [23 Apr 14]
The First Evil was defeated a while ago, but there's a reason why it is the First Evil - it has contingency plans...
Stories [5] • Updated [29 Aug 14]
When Buffy fell through Glory's portal, she met Helen Cutter and the rest of the ARC. Meanwhile, Faith is back in the US, picking up her slack...
Stories [8] • Updated [25 Aug 14]