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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Willow sends Olaf the Troll to the Hyborian Age, the time of Conan, by accident. When she sends Tara there it's deliberate; the only way to save Tara's life. But can she get Tara back?
Stories [2] • Updated [7 Feb 13]
Cordelia's wish plunges her into a nightmare world ruled by The Master - until a familiar blond vampire turns up with an interesting proposition and everything changes.
Stories [2] • Updated [1 Jul 09]
Xander's real parentage is a mystery obscured by the mists of time. Two thousand five hundred years ago two great heroes had a brief encounter...
Stories [2] • Updated [1 Dec 06]
'Tabula Avatar' never happened and Eilistraee killed Vhaeraun and was then slain herself. A few of her drow followers flee to another world; Middle Earth. Meanwhile √Čomer and Loth√≠riel's courtship is threatened by vengeance-crazed Haradrim...
Stories [3] • Updated [6 Aug 13]
When Daniel Jackson Ascends SG-1 needs a replacement. Come the hour, come the - Bush Kangaroo?
Stories [2] • Updated [25 Dec 09]
Spike was the sole survivor of the 'Not Fade Away' alley battle. Human, broke, and pursued by agents of Wolfram & Hart, he hides out in Lithuania, working as a goatherd, until one of the Sunnydale Potentials bumps into him in Vilnius one night...
Stories [2] • Updated [25 May 09]
The Trio get their hands on the 'Tabula Rasa' memory crystal and download the stored memories into the PC game 'Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn'. In a strange and lethal new world Buffy and the Scoobies find friends, romance, and deadly peril.
Stories [14] • Updated [21 Jul 14]
Dawn descends into a degraded and self-destructive hell, Willow comes to the rescue in 'Not Fade Away', and Giles becomes involved in a relationship with someone completely unexpected.
Stories [2] • Updated [28 Jan 10]
A series of responses to Faela's "Where did Olaf the Troll go?" challenge. Willow's spells are notoriously inaccurate; where else but the Land of the Trolls might she have sent Olaf?
Stories [12] • Updated [12 May 09]
William Pratt was humiliated at a society party in 1880 with terrible results. What would have happened if the mockers had picked up on an error made by one of the other guests and turned their mockery in that direction instead? Major character death.
Stories [2] • Updated [27 Jul 06]