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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Laney

All stories in this series take place in the Fish Tacos on a Friday Night Universe
Stories [3] • Updated [9 Aug 10]
This series features all the fics in the Fragile Existence 'Verse
Stories [6] • Updated [1 Aug 10]
If Joyce hadn't seen Buffy's costume, she never would have asked her daughter to take her to Ethan's and select one for herself.
Stories [2] • Updated [21 Sep 13]
The death of Jesse introduces Xander to a psychic who will change his life more than even the Slayer
Stories [5] • Updated [22 Mar 14]
A tragedy at Graduation sends Willow down a path she never imagined.
Stories [5] • Updated [3 Jan 12]
A one night stands sparks the beginning of an unlikely relationship.
Stories [6] • Updated [12 Aug 10]
When Buffy chooses to live in the real world instead of the one she created, she never imaged the life she would lead.
Stories [10] • Updated [1 Jan 12]
To save her reality, Willow must choose a new one.
Stories [5] • Updated [8 Apr 10]