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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author PatriciaLouise

Though never destined to be together, they would meet several times... Buffy/Castiel
Stories [2] • Updated [4 Aug 14]
Batman did not know about vampires or slayers... until he crossed paths with the Crimson Princess.
Stories [4] • Updated [19 Aug 11]
They aren't in love. That's not what it' about. Joker/Dawn.
Stories [5] • Updated [20 Aug 12]
Buffy/WitchBlade the Series xover. The witchblade and the slayer's scythe are far more connected than most know.
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Aug 12]
Gotham doesn't know what to think when Buffy and her crew get a hold of it... or vice versa.
Stories [2] • Updated [16 Aug 11]
The Misadventures of former lovers, Crowley and Anya
Stories [2] • Updated [28 Aug 12]
Against her will, Tara is given a second chance at "life," by a very powerful vampire known as Lucien Lacroix...
Stories [3] • Updated [7 Jan 10]
Spike and Hermione engage in learning what it means to love someone.
Stories [2] • Updated [23 Aug 11]
Castlevania and Buffy xover. Alucard meets Tara in a dream...only to meet Willow, later, in the world of the waking.
Stories [2] • Updated [6 May 09]
When Buffy gets sent into St. Canard by a demon, a whole new mess of troubles follow.
Stories [4] • Updated [4 Sep 12]
When Buffy finds a very peculiar Old One awakened, it does nothing but leave her with more questions than answers.
Stories [5] • Updated [3 Aug 12]
Tara awakens in the year 12,090, and she doesn't like what she sees.
Stories [6] • Updated [7 Aug 12]
The misadventures of Anya in Gotham.
Stories [2] • Updated [21 Aug 11]