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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author KoohiiCafe

In a horrible twist of fate, Kunzite discovers a weapon that will change everything.
Stories [3] • Updated [16 Aug 09]
As an immortal, Jack's been a father many times over. Fathering a slayer, however, is an entirely new experience, for both father and daughter.
Stories [3] • Updated [28 Aug 12]
Four Time Travelers She Loved, and One Time She Time Traveled
Stories [5] • Updated [3 Sep 12]
What happens when the Scoobies are given a set of Atanik armbands?
Stories [4] • Updated [31 Aug 09]
Stories [2] • Updated [23 May 10]
When Buffy went to 'heaven' after sacrificing herself to save Dawn, she found serenity.
Stories [9] • Updated [29 Aug 09]
What happens when the Promised One and Chosen One collide? Complete and utter chaos, of course!
Stories [13] • Updated [1 Sep 11]
Artemis' introduction to the team as Green Arrow's niece causes Red Arrow to get Green Arrow's actual niece involved. Things get a bit crazy from there.
Stories [4] • Updated [16 Aug 12]
Buffy's been stationed in Japan in the hunt for newly activated Slayers. What could possibly go wrong?
Stories [2] • Updated [20 Aug 09]
The Scoobies get the dubious excitement of learning about the differences, and similarities, between their universe and another, after being trapped there by a portal gone wrong.
Stories [3] • Updated [15 Aug 12]
After the battle of Endor, Luke finds himself drawn to Dagobah, where a new apprentice of Master Yoda awaits rescue.
Stories [8] • Updated [17 Aug 12]